Black Boy Feelings is a collaborative art book about fostering community among black men and encouraging them to be more open about their feelings.



Volume 1: Boyhood



Volume 2: Things My Mother Taught Me

Throughout the summer of 2016, Richard Bryan and Jeana Lindo designed “Black Boy Feelings Volume 1: Boyhood” using work that they had gathered through an open call which asked for “photos, short stories, poetry, illustrations, or whatever.” Some of their first posts on Instagram read “Give yourself a chance to see your work in #print. Submit #art or #writing or whatever you like to for our #publication's first issue.” and “Share with us what it means to you to grow up as a black boy, your personal experience, the things you would like to teach your sons, #expressyourself.”


Submissions for Book 2 are now open. For our print publication, we are interested in poems, free verse, illustrations, photographs, and short stories relating to the topic of black men in relation to maternal figures. Share with us your experiences with your mother or any women who took care of you throughout your life, the lessons they helped you learn, express yourself. Deadline: September 30