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New in the store: Black Boy Feelings Volume 1: Boyhood. This amazing collaborative project, edited by @saintlysilence and @jeanalindophoto 

explores the subject of black masculinity through lenses as varied as the mediums represented: pencil drawings, paintings, poems, Facebook chats, lyrics, photographs, scribbled notes and traditional prose.
From one of the editor's notes, Richard writes "despite our myriad differences, there are several threads uniting our world views that can be traced through our relationships to our families, our blackness, and to art. Not just the art that has been commercialized, but also the art that is less quantifiable, the art that is a part of our everyday existence."
Pictured: the contribution by @curtisbryant_ .
Check out @blackboyfeelings ❤

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Yall, peep this new book, "black boy feelings" created by my homie @jeanalindophoto and my other homie @saintlysilence celebrating black boy tenderness, going into the depths of black masculinity. It's a collection of written works, musical compositions, and visual art, I have two pieces in here, I just got the book the rest of this work is gorgeous, yall can go to to order your copy of this beautiful book, there's some merchandise for yall to get up on, but support this movement!!!

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#bedriddenreads since my #piriformis is in bad shape and I can barely move I'm talking the time to work and read. This anthology is simply making and much needed! I met the creator of this book at a zine fair in Bushwick thanks to @herculeanpixel and I love how Richard and Jeana put together a read source from every type of #blackboyjoy being out there. This needs support and press. @blackboyfeelings is the effing future and you know I don't promote or big up trash. The culture needs this! #fortheculture#blackboyfly #blackmenread#blackgirlmagic